The Rise of the African Creative

September 01, 2018

The Rise of the African Creative

Creativity is something that can be hard to define in a single word, and even harder to constrain to a single area. At its heart creativity is about finding new ways to explain, to connect, and to describe the world around you. This could be something as simple as an artist painting a picture, to a content agency shaping the narrative and voice of a brand online. With all this in mind one thing is clear; no matter where you look the African creative collective is beginning to find its voice…

Origin Shapes Content

The days when professional quality content had to be bought in from America and Europe are now over. Yes, there are creatives in these parts of the world who do amazing things we should all enjoy, but if you look closer to home you’ll see the same buds of creativity about to flower. When you want your brand to connect to an audience it is essential to understand where that audience is, and how it integrates with the story you intend to tell.

An African creative can connect with your audience on a natural level as they’ll be shaped in part by the same environment as your audience. Don’t think this matters?

Think about content on the various social networks and how the formats and needs of each differ from one to the other. It’s clear that each of them is its own ecosystem that should be cherished and celebrated; rather than forced to align with the most populous or popular platform. The same is true of the origins of your creativity, and African creatives are very much on the rise…

Who is Osborne Macharia?

Black Panther is a Marvel film that has taken the world by storm like no other, and it’s done it all by appealing to people far and wide. There are so many untapped markets out there than when you manage to connect with one you’ll often see that you can rewrite records and confound expectations.

Osborne Macharia used his photographic prowess and unbridled creativity to show the world the story of Black Panther using his lens. This Kenyan creative has been able to show that creativity is not tied to certain areas; but that it is all around us and is being exercised by people with such a wealth of different experiences. When people bring something different to the mix they can then showcase something different, connect on a new level, and make a voice really begin to resonate.

Where is African Creativity Going?

Creativity is something that can be hard to capture if an area is developing and growing into its space in the world. Creative jobs are by their very nature frequently short term, transient, and often the first to be sacrificed when other needs arrive. As our continent grows and establishes a foothold in the modern world these jobs will continue to multiple as people diversify in terms of how they make a living; exercising more of their talents along the way.

The future of the African Creative is one of looking outwards as well as inwards. By looking inwards we can showcase our skills across this great continent, and show one another that we no longer have to look further afield for the creative sparks we need to set a brand on fire. And this is evenly balanced by a look to wider outside world… The African creative will become increasingly sought after, recommended, and endorsed for the originality of their work. With millennia of culture and tradition it is impossible for creativity not to be shaped by the world around us.

African creativity has found its voice…